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Friday, November 04, 2016

Questions for Trump Supporters (that will never be answered directly)

1. Prominent economists, business leaders, and bankers are suggesting that electing Trump might cause global financial turmoil, like the Brexit vote in the UK but on a much more massive scale.  Why does that seem like an attractive option to you?

2. Many leaders of allied nations have said that the election of Trump would hurt America's reputation in the world.  Leaders with an interest in destabilization of the United States have actively praised his selection.  Why do you support the candidate opposed by our allies and supported by our enemies?

3. Donald Trump has been repeatedly accused of sexually harassing women.  Even if those accusations are lies, what do you think that his election communicates to women that actually have been sexually abused by their employers or rich businessmen they've met?

4. Trump has explicitly promised to role back gay marriage rights in the United States.  Why should married gay Americans support Trump, or even support you (a Trump voter) based on his support for revoking their marriages?

5. Without referencing any other candidates, can you explain why Donald Trump, who was born to a multimillionaire and never has experienced poverty, is a good person to empathize with lower and middle class Americans?

6. If Trump came to you for a loan of a hundred million dollars, guaranteed by your house, car, and all of your possessions, and the possessions of your children and/or spouse, would you personally loan him the money?

7. After further questioning, you find out that the loan is for one of Trump's casinos that went bankrupt in Atlantic City.  If it goes bankrupt again, your entire family will be homeless. Do you still loan him the money?

8. If your next door neighbor, a military service member with a disabled wife, personally asked you not to vote for Trump, how would you reply?

Answering these questions by challenging the premises or by bringing up any candidates also running for President this year count as attempt to try to change the subject, and thus as utter failures to answer.