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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Wreeling and Writhing

So, Ashley read the short story that I posted, Colony, and liked it so much she felt compelled to tell me, which is awesome. It's unreal when you realize that some has read and really liked something that you've written. In Ashley's honor, I'm going to do some work rewriting Colony and posting the second draft when I get a chance.

She also recommended that I join a couple of Live Journal communities, and I agreed, so instead of updating two blogs, I'm going to update three of them, the Myspace blog, the Live Journal blog and the main Worlds & Time blog on blogger. I've actually been thinking about this for a couple of days, so to me it isn't totally unexpected.

Ashley is also the person that originally came up with Lia. She had a record of the old original Lex blog, and she sent me a link. If you're interested in that sort of thing, you can see it here:

It's a lot shorter than I remember it, but I'm sure someday I'll look back at what I'm posting today and say to myself "Wow that's short." Especially if I continue trying to read Notes on a Geek Show.

Right, since I figured that no one really reads this blog anyway other than me, I suppose I forgot to mention this, but I put a little history into the links on MySpace and LiveJournal about Lex and Lia. Here's a little more.

Originally Lex and Lia were supposed to be part of a larger game of people, about twenty five or so, that wanted to do a sort of communal neo-vampire novel online. The community was based around the fictional city of San Maceideo, a sort of Gotham City in Southern New Mexico. Since we were new, we were the young, inexperienced characters while most of the characters were old and powerful.

However, nothing really happened in San Meceideo. The community was new, but it was so new that no one really could figure out their own stories. So between me and Lia, we only had a half dozen posts.

Still, I liked the character of Lex. His PB (this was my first encounter with this acronym, it means "played by" and it indicates the actor that your character looks like) was Kerr Smith, who is gorgeous, and he reminded me of Jonathan. Celia, incidentally, was Alexa Vega back when she was Spy Kids age. If you ever want to know what the characters look like, that's it.

He was also tormented, and he fit into his niche.

I knew I wanted to do a weekly serial, and Lex and Lia fit the bill. I did remove them from the fictional San Maceideo and put them into Las Vegas. I don't remember any of the other characters from the original universe, so I don't have worry much about stealing other people's characters.

That's where Lex and Lia come from.

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