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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Molasses Death

I'm having trouble updating this blog because sometimes I crave some sort of feedback, and obviously while all of these blog posts are still being written, no one is seeing them. When I click on the bookmark on my computer and look at my blog, all I get to see is the Happy Birthday post, and that's getting extremely old.

As I write this, Lex and Lia is only updated part way through "Partial Survival" and I still haven't finished it off. I wish I could update that part of the blog at least, considering that it's fiction, but obviously I can't do anything. Arg. (Note: there's a bit of a break in Lex and Lia's in this section of the blog, but they'll be back. March 2008)

Currently I'm binging on D&D, and I'll continue to be doing that until the 11th, when my focus will change abruptly to writing in anticipation of the upcoming VP workshop.

Elsewhere in my mind, this is what is going on:

I've finally figured out how to describe and create a reasonable sounding scientific basis for the events in my book series. Or at least, I think I have. Although most of the explanations won't appear until the second book it calms me to know that I have a general understanding of the why and hows of everything.

Also, President George W. Bush is both incompetent and a coward. Let me explain why.

I've noticed that he's often said that Democrats shouldn't criticize the war or his presidency because it "emboldens" the enemy. Further, he can't talk about military planning because that would hinder the mission of the troops.

That's stupid, and it proves how incompetent he is. If he was a good commander in chief (Re: War President) he should be able to tell everyone what he is planning on doing, and then do it. If his plans are so fragile that they can be upset by a few ill comments then obviously it's not a very good plan.

I'm not talking about specific troop movements, and the codes to our bombers, but the way to be an impressive and effective war president is to be able to provide the broad strokes of his plan without worrying that we'll "embolden the enemy." If the plan is to win, they're not going to feel particularly emboldened by us telling them how we're going to crush them.

He also can't face change. A real man would be able to stand up to his friends when they tell him something is wrong and, if necessary, fire them when they screw up and no longer can perform their job. (Yes, I know that Gonzales resigned, but the president should have publicly let him go for his involvement in the U.S. Attorney firings months ago.)

Were I ever the President of the United States and one of my cabinet members said "I don't know" or "I can't recall" as much as the former AG did while testifying in front of congress, I would consider that dereliction of duty and he would be dismissed immediately. Before he even got back from his office, probably, because I'd be watching it live from the Oval Office.

I've also been having these very strange obsessive day dreams over a guy that is very straight, and I can't seem to shake them. This is especially odd because I got over him a long time ago, and I can't figure out why I'm having such a massive resurgence of feelings for him. Still, when I think of him, I feel safe and happy, which is getting more and more odd considering that:

1. He's still not gay.
2. Even after the last time I actually saw him I didn't feel this way about him.
3. He never made me feel safe or happy when I knew him, so what changed?
4. I've actually dated men between my infantile crush on him and now.

So I've got to figure this out so that I can step away from it. It isn't good to feel this way about someone that doesn't return the feeling.

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