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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Little Brother Is Released

Little Brother comes out today!

Order it. It is awesomeness.

The free, HTML, downloadable, Creative Commons version of Little Brother by Cory Doctorow can be obtained here.

Here are the various reviews that I've come across for the book so far:
Mine, of course.
Neil Gaiman
Scalzi's Big Idea
PNH @ Making Light
Lindra @ Making Light
Tim O'Reilly
Jacob @ Conventioneers
Rob Bedford @
Cindy Dobrez @ Booklist Online
Farrah Mendlesohn @ Strange Horizons
LA Times
Sarah Davies @ Civil Disobedient
Galleycat @ mediabistro
SKZB's terse review
Lis Riba @ Riba Rambles
Skwid @ The Humblest Blog
Electric Velocipede @ Blogspot
Pixelstained @ Blogspot
Chris Gerrib @ LJ
Shadesong & Child @ LJ
Etumukutenyak @ LJ
Daystreet @ LJ
Kestrell @ LJ
Life-Unexamined @ LJ
Crepe_Suzettes @ LJ
Pnkrokhockeymom @ LJ
Annathepiper @ LJ
Alexx-Kay @ LJ
Divalea @ LJ
Xopher-vh @ LJ
mjlayman @ LJ
Tohu Bohu
Swarm of Beasts
Joi Ito
Laura Moncur @ Quotations Weblog

And you can always check out the MySpace page or Facebook page for it.

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