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Friday, June 19, 2009


Companies and governments have different priorities. They have to.

Companies are in it for the money, which is no more apparent than in the practice of "rescission" as seen here.

Governments have to worry about ethics though. At least in a marginal, theoretical manner. It wouldn't be ethical or possible for the government to do that. They have to worry about protecting everyone, not just the people that are willing to give them money because too many people getting dumped will hurt public perception and possibly votes.

The weird thing is, that protects us, somewhat. Anyone that thinks that we should let economics, the market, a company or anything like that govern us is abrogating the responsibility to maintain an ethical and publicly tolerable state.

Torture, eavesdropping, rescission. Who cares, when the drive is toward squeezing out the last little dollar?



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    By Blogger News Blog, at 2:21 AM  

  • Because private companies want to make money, they must please their customers. GSelling a bad product or service will not allow a company to stay viable for long.

    The government has no such need. They do not need to make money; therefore, they do not care if they satisfy their "customers" or not. Look at the V. A. hospitals for proof that the government cuts corners in its treatment of its "customers."

    One solution to the health care crisis is to free up the insurance industry. Make it possible for people all over the United States to choose the best policies from the best companies. Not only would each company have to work harder to gain customer satisfaction, but they would have to lower their prices in order to compete.

    By OpenID renaissanceguy, at 2:35 AM  

  • I would argue that the government is significantly more responsive to the electorate than a corporation is to it's customers.

    And your constant suggestions to do exactly what the insurance industry wants done do not inspire confidence. If possible any corporation would collect as much money as possible for as little actual product as they could get away with.

    By Blogger Spherical Time, at 9:04 PM  

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