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Saturday, August 08, 2009

The End of Mac Fandom

or How Apple Screwed Me with a useless warantee extension.

There are so many ways that I could start this post:

I am having an absolutely miserable day . . .

So yesterday on the Red Line of the Boston T I got shoved at Park Street and fell into a bar. No worries about my stuff, my backpack is padded . . .

I'm a recent Mac buyer and a reluctant one at that but my friend Elliot has always been a huge Mac fan so when I bought my last computer I finally decided to switch . . .

All of these lead to the fact that the screen of my computer is now shattered.

I looked all over but even though I can find receipts for stamps from NYC, I couldn't find the receipt for my Macbook. I couldn't remember if I'd bought the three year extension but AppleCare is good for a year from purchase date though and I know that I bought my mac on October 29 of last year because I still have the email that they sent to me when I purchased it.

So I made an appointment for the Genius Bar for tech support (8:45pm @ the Boyston St. location) and crossed my fingers.

Carlos was my genius and he looked at the damage, scanned the serial number, looked at his screen and then started to apologize.

Apparently I did buy the extended plan, but it doesn't matter because it basically only covers manufacturing issues. So, what is the point for extending coverage for 3 years if it's only going to repair things that are going to be problems out of the box?

So, in order to get my screen fixed it'll cost $750 (to send away or $770 to have fixed in the store). A new laptop is only $450 more, at $1200 which I guess is their way of telling you that it really isn't worth it to replace a screen.

It doesn't matter much. I really can't afford either option at the moment. I'm jobless, out of work, unemployed, screwed.

So much for buying a newer, nicer computer after I finally have a job again. Now I guess I get to buy a replacement for this one and it's going to be a while before I get that dreamy Macbook Pro.

You know, I still feel misled about the extended coverage that apparently doesn't actually cover anything. I looked over the Apple Care and Apple Protection Plan that I apparently purchased for $350. It certain appears to cover repairs, and I guess I got suckered by that vague promise of "global repair coverage" because the fine print of it (warning, PDF) specifically excludes repairing any accidental damage. So much for "Peace of mind."

Of course, that wasn't the only thing that sucked today but it is the thing that is making me sit here about to cry. I'm at Ben's and for the first time in my life I just want to drink until I can't remember this day anymore.

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  • I came to your blog via a Fark post, and read this...Ugh. Applecare is great for the multitude of other problems that can crop up, and even wear and tear stuff like power supply cords fraying, but if they won't fix a screen, well, that's just lame.

    Enjoy Groundhog Day, in the hopes that watching someone else relive their worst day until it gets better inspires you to do the same.

    By Blogger xrayspx, at 10:18 AM  

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