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Sunday, February 01, 2015

Quick Disproofs of God: Cosmological Argument

1. The universe exists
2. The universe has a beginning
3. Time also began when the universe began
4. The idea of being "created" requires linear time to have meaning
5. There was no concept of linear time "before" the big bang (indeed, even the concept of "before" the big bang is meaningless)

Therefore, the concept of "creating" the universe is meaningless.  Even if something was required to "create" then universe, that concept is negated by the fact that time began at the beginning of the universe.

This argument also covers the similar argument that God could "cause" the universe.  The idea of causation requires temporal dependence ("this action causes that result" requires the action to occur before the result) and therefore it is meaningless to say that anything "caused" the universe.

The subsequent premises are something to the effect of:

6. If the Bible is true, then God must exist (and conversely, if it is false, then the Bible's particular idea of God must not exist)
7. The Bible says that God created the universe

Since the idea of creating the universe is meaningless, then the Bible is wrong and God can't exist in that form.

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