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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Manic Mode and W&T

Up until about two or three weeks ago, I could pretty safely say that I'd never been manic.

If you're familiar with manic depression, you know that it's characterized by severe bouts of depression along with times of elation and happiness.

I've been depressed since I was eight. They don't really diagnose that early, they just point out that you display the symptoms. And then I continued to display the symptoms for years and years and years.

My father was diagnosed with manic depression, which makes it much more likely that I'll have it, even though he's now diagnosed as schitzo-affective instead of manic. So it's been looming over me. But you're not manic unless you can point to a time of mania, usually characterized by boundless energy, heavy spending, and mood swings.

But a few weeks ago, I think I may have been manic. It was a good two weeks, but now I'm depressed again, mostly because now I'm worried that I have manic depression.

On the up side, my business has a website: I finally came up with a name that I liked during the manic phase, and it's actually up and running now.

So, here's a promotion: If you need editing, or know someone that needs editing, hit me up. I'll basically do it for free while I'm getting set up, as long as I can use you as a reference in the future.

Anyway, I'm otherwise okay. I'm working on my book bit by bit and I'll have enough to submit soon. It'll be rejected, but at least I'll be starting to try.

And I can't tell, is trying part of the mania?


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