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Monday, May 01, 2006

Myspace Communication 1: Depth in Blogging

I don't like rewriting stuff, and now I find myself rewriting an entire post because the computer that i was on at work just shut off. Just turned itself without warning after I'd been typing away for an hour.

I think that there are a few very interesting things about communication on Myspace, and perhaps a little about the internet in general. And I was reading some blogs, mostly Father Hayle, and I was thinking about the way that blogging has changed the social experiment. Isn't it odd that you can know so much about people that you don't even know?

I've met Father Hayle once, and he was a very interesting guy, but I learned almost nothing about what he puts in his blog. I didn't know that he's a security guard, I didn't know that he does drainage diving, or that he climbs buildings.

That, and I don't know how he met Z. That's something that I've wondered. Someone might have mentioned it, but if they have, I've forgotten it.

The thing is, blogs add a certain amount of depth to these profiles. Whether it's a "OMG that guy is 2 cute!" or a discourse on the nature of Christianity, blogs really say something about the person writing them.

Usually. There are exceptions, like the blog of Bobby, that might just be a professional writer with an entrancing profile picture. But still, Bobby makes gay men respond, our of identification, or sympathy, or just lustful interest. Even I've left comments there.

But really, there is so much depth that you can add to a picture through writing. It isn't just a like or dislike thing, but an entire way of thinking that you can communicate. What do you think that people should know, and what are you willing to say?

This is even more interesting that this.

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