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Sunday, May 28, 2006

I even caught the garder . . .

What does that say about national policy?

That was the best wedding ever. Bar None. It was just phenomenal. I mean, I danced and made a fool of myself. I danced with the bride, the groom, and a good friend. The music didn't suck, and it was a blast to dance too.

I talked the friend's ear off.

I even did a shot of Johnny Walker Red Label at the groom's behest.

There were even some cute (straight of course) groomsmen. I mean, I couldn't ask for anything more.

The ceremony was nice too. He was right, there was more Jesus than I knew that He wanted, but She wanted it, so I guess it was fine. I was worried that He would nod off in the middle of the preaching, but he was fine.

He got sloshed, of course. She was having trouble getting around in the quite beautiful white dress.

Anyway, it was an amazing wedding. Not too expensive, not to late, and everything ended up being just dreamy. I want prints of the photos.



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