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Friday, August 25, 2006

Now to Wait

Well, it's in, finally. (Only a week or two later than I wanted!) It got there yesterday, by my calculations, which means I probably have between two and four months before I either get my first rejection letter or my first approval.

I'm not really sure which I would prefer. After all, rejection means that I get to work, and submit to the next place. I have no illusions, the company that I submitted too isn't going to publish me. In a way, that's almost why I chose them, because they're so prestigious and it'll make me feel good to know that at least someone really important in the industry has rejected me.

On the other hand, if they accept me, I'm going to have crap to show them for the rest of the book. The submission policy is 3 chapters, so damn it all if they aren't the best three chapters that I've ever written. Took me months and months.

And there isn't any more. I concentrated so hard on those 3 chapters, that I never wrote the rest. Why would I? A lot of work for no real material gain. After all, they're not going to accept it. So if by some incredible miracle they accept the book, they're going to say, "Great, send us the rest," and I'm going to be standing there with empty arms.

If it bothered me more, I might do the work. But I guess at the end of the day, I'm waiting for the rejection. Damn pessimisism.

So now, I have a whole bunch of things to do. I owe Christopher something for saving me from the void, so I'm working on that. I'm thinking of finishing a story about drugs for submission. I have three or four more books on the back burner. And then there's chapters four through whatever waiting for me to get around to writing them.

Then again, I'd much rather be playing D&D. Sorcerous Ease, bitch. Eat a fireball.



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