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Tuesday, March 27, 2007


My three current sections of thought:

One: My brother is okay. We got a message from him. He was on an extending desert mission, and he couldn't call. But as of yesterday, he was okay.

Usually he lets us know when he's going to be away for that long, but sometimes there is nothing that you can do.

Someone once said that wisdom is understanding how much you don't know. What that person didn't mention is that wisdom is also responsible for worrying. If you know, you don't have to worry.

Two: They've finally destroyed our view. I am so angry, angrier even when they took the top off the hill behind our house. It's such an odd shape, the little circle that is right in front of our house that is closer to our house than any other.

If I could, I would strike those who planned it dead. That will never happen, of course, but once again I find myself powerless against the enroachment of another.

The sound of the machines, the growling and the beeping, is tearing through my skull, rendering my violently angry.

Those idiots. Those absolute morons! We had something good here, and now you've destroyed that in favor of something that will be soulless and merely tolerated. Your machines have torn up something special. As I once said to someone in love with the idea of hell: I wish that I believed in hell so that my religion could condemn you there!

Three: This is how to get to me. I mentioned that gmail catches most of the spam mail that I get. This is something that made it through, and even though it made it through I opened it to read it because I didn't recognize it was spam until the image loaded:

From: Mieczyslaw Chaya

Re: new xutet red brick. Stainless Steel Rats! Soon I had a string of adoring fans trailing blue sky-I sighed with relief, Gave the gun back to Floyd and used my whence all good things flow. If you will follow me I will explain our Captain was unsleeping and tireless, seemingly as fit on the eleventh head the committee that is working to clean up the operation here on giants back and kidneys that opened his mouth wide with pain, forcing Kicking out. It was Steengo who had crawled behind him, tried to trip Svinjar. shyster who is theoretically paid to uphold the law. Yet you stand by speaking my feelings aloud I suddenly found that my eyes were brimming There were three different alarms that I disabled before I pushed the The Veritorium! It got dark, something happened. I cant remember- move for some time. Temporal stasis. When they come out of it they Power, Power, Power-hear them protons swirl!

When it popped up in my inbox, the words "Stainless Steel Rats" was visible in the subject. If you don't know, The Stainless Steel Rat is a character in a series of short books by Harry Harrison, which I happen to have read only a few weeks ago.

Here are some of the other references that I got. "Floyd" could be a reference to Arthur C. Clarke's 2001, 2010, and 2061 (that I was just talking about). One of the main protagonists in 2010 and 2061 is named Heywood Floyd. There was also a robot in Planetfall named Floyd.

Captain is common in space fiction as the leader of a starship (Kirk, Picard, Solo).

The section about the giants back and pain implies an actual giant, such as the one found in Ender's Game, but the term giant is also common in space parlance (gas giant, blue giant, etc).

Admiral Steengo is another reference to Harry Harrison, and although Svinjar is a place in Croatia, I believe that it is another reference as well, albeit one that I don't recognize. The following line, about theoretically being paid to uphold the law, could be about the Stainless Steel Rat because the character is a con man.

The Veritorium is also something that I don't recognize, but I did find another reference to it in another spam (you can see it here, search Veritorium):

Cued by his words the lights died and darkness filled the Veritorium.
Footsteps sounded in the darkness, and there was a small laugh. Light
appeared and I saw the small boy hurry forward, stumbling a bit under

The world also appears in other spams here, here, and in a myspace blog titled "Spamaholic."

The Veritorium! It got dark, something happened. I cant remember-
Im not much help because I cant either. It seemed like a good
show. Hard to follow the plot but you were in it, do you remember

Whatever "The Veritorium" is, it sound like someone ripped it out of a science-fiction novel as well, an then copied a few lines of text to fool the email filters into thinking that it had real content.

Temporal Stasis is an oft used fictional technology in lots of science fiction.

The spam as a whole reads like the love child of timecube and post-modern poetry. The terms it uses and the way it's phrased are of science fiction.

Anyway, this this managed to get through both the gmail filters, and my own personal filters, which is frightening in a way because it hasn't happened in years. I know that this wasn't targeted directly at me, but it came close enough to achieve its purpose, it made me read it.

I just thought that was interesting, and I wanted to share about how geeks should now be wary about the use of our buzzwords to market viagra to us. How sad.

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  • My friends and I have been tracking several emails with references to the Captain and Admiral Steengo. We've put them together and added our own characters and events. Have you seen references to Madonnette and the Captains ship, The Remorseless?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:32 AM  

  • Nope, I haven't. I haven't gotten any other emails like this since it happened.

    By Blogger Spherical Time, at 12:40 PM  

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