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Monday, April 09, 2007

Links & Locations

First, a few really cool things to read if you've got a few hours handy:

I was going to reproduce this here, and clean it up a bit, but I can't get ahold of mirage, so here's a link to it instead. mirage is a friend from IIDB, and he's explaining wonder from the atheist perspective.

Here are links to Hal Duncan's "The Halls of Pentheus" quartet of posts. They look like exerts from Philosophy textbooks, but I happen to think that they're a brilliant meditation on the "argument from perfection" that is one of the most common arguments for God that I see.

Part One: Dick's Demiurge
Part Two: Pascalus's Wager
Part Three: Plato's Perfection
Part Four: Anselm's Great God

Second, I'm also facing something of a quandry. I imagine that I may have the chance soon to take a trip. A really, really cool trip, but I can't really think of a place to go.

I could go to Ireland, England, and perhaps through Europe. When I applied for the "Butterfly Tattoo" job I was actually thinking of moving to England. I've always wanted a little place near the water, and I like bland food. Besides, there are cute boys in London.

I could go to Japan. Not as many boys that I would find attractive, but really think that it would be an amazing place to travel through. I may not be able to speak Japanese, but I'd love to see the temples and explore the modern architecture. Thats the sort of thing that would be right up my alley.

I could also go visit Australia. The landscape there is beautiful, and I could probably stop over in Hawaii or Figi on the way and spend a couple of nights in a nice hotel.

That's such a broad view of them. There's so much specific stuff that I could do at all of those places, so much detail that I could go into, but I can't even decide on a vague region.

I'll have to wait and see how things work out.


One more link. SF Signal has links to many of the short form Hugo nominees. People should check them out.

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