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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

All Sorts of Media Disappointments

So, I went to see the Golden Compass last night, and was disappointed by the cliff hanger ending. The book ends in a much more natural place, and the final twist is important to the resolution of the plot. It wasn't complete without it. Imagine if The Two Towers had ended before the end of the battle of Helm's Deep. That's how I felt about the Golden Compass, and I was prepared to let a lot slide on the basis that I'll support atheist writers when they succeed.

Speaking of things that ended too early, Brian Sanderson has been chosen to finish the Wheel of Time series that was left incomplete by Robert Jordan/James Rigney when he died. The only exposure that I've had to Sanderson is his book called Elantris and it failed to wow me. Granted, it was certainly okay, but it wasn't anything like what Jordan made me feel.

Tin Man was also just okay, which was unfortunate, considering that the second part was pretty good and got me interested but then the third part just dragged it down into a death spiral of epic proportions. What a phenomenally boring ending . . .

Also, I want to rewrite the third Matrix movie. Too bad I can't hire the same actors and film my version, and then put it up to a vote to see which version is better. Sort of like The Phantom Edit. Here's a hint about my version: All of the humans turn against Neo near the end.

On the plus side, Cory Doctorow's Little Brother is available for pre-order now, so I've gone back and updated that blog entry with a link (Teen novel, WTF?) and added a link to a blog post that appeared in the NYTimes that I think is relevant. I also just got one of his books via Amazon, so I'll read that this weekend.

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