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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Why I Have So Many Sidebar Links

When I log into a computer, the first thing that I do is log into my gmail account and check my mail. These days, I usually have about 4 to 6 emails to deal with, which is more than a year ago when my average was probably about 1. This sounds like very few, and it is, and I like it that way, because it doesn't make me feel stressed out about getting to everything.

Then I go up to the Google "more" tag at the top of the screen, and pull it down. Since I've been using Google for a while, it's learned to recognize the Google Aps that I use the most, and thus "Blogger" is usually at the top of the more list when I'm logged in.

Then I check Right Behind and Pocket Lint Communications because I consider those to be more along the lines of "work" and thus important to deal with right away. I'm the person that puts the tags onto Right Behind posts most of the time, and I try to make sure that the Right Behind sidebar is constantly up to date with all of the authors and stories.

After that, I check out Worlds & Time. Right now I'm posting all those backdated posts which have been previously written, so I find the oldest one that isn't posted, post it, and then update it on the Myspace and LiveJournal mirrors.

Then I use the front of my blog as my hub, as a collection of the links that I use the most. I check out my favorite blogs such as Whatever, Making Light, and Slacktivist, and then try to find something interesting on Fark or Totalfark.

Since my blog is accessible from nearly anywhere, that's the easiest way to keep in touch with the stuff I like. All those places are literally things that I pay attention too and read.

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