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Friday, August 28, 2009

Stories Through Pictures

I've got a couple of pictures that I keep meaning to post. First one is from the hallway of the boyfriend's apartment building:

No, there was no other information nor do we know what was stolen. Mail, perhaps?

This image comes from a Federal building: The Library of Congress. Yes, the title there says "Erotica." No, she's not a Muse, as far as I can tell. I just think that she's a very interesting addition to be recognized.

Something tells me that I would like that soup. 'Cause I like instant soup.

What? Don't you like instant soup?

Finally, I got this the other day. Yes, I've already read it (basically all in two sittings, about five hours total) and it was good. Not his best but definitely a solid Vlad Taltos novel that made me squeal with delight and giggle on the T. I will of course review it, when it gets a bit closer to the anticipated release date.

I may ask TNH if I can post a paragraph from it, just because I have discovered the most spoilerific section of any book of all time.

Why yes, I am a fifteen year old fan girl when it comes to Vlad novels. Thank you for asking. As of this week I'm pretty sure I own just about every piece of writing that Steven Brust has ever published, including a couple of short stories, Agyar, Freedom & Necessity, and now I'm even ahead one book. Yay!

Update: Whoops, forgot one. This one is self explanatory:

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