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Monday, June 25, 2012

Hot Guys Shirtlessly Lipsyncing on YouTube

I'm just saying, this is a great, great trend.  I meant to put together one of these posts when it was just Sexy And I Know It by LMFAO, but why limit it?  Especially after the Abercrombie Boys did Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen:

Yeah, can't argue with that one.  But there are lots of other beautiful options.

Here's "Call Me Gaybe", another Call Me Maybe cover:

Here's Chi Cho, Snyz, BJ Smiles, and Laces' cover, which is kind of low quality video, but the guys are great:

Here's a version that I hadn't seen until I started looking for this post done by "The Boys of GG20" i.e. members of the Gay and Gorgeous Twenty-something group on Facebook.

And the final shirtless Call Me Maybe is the Weho Queens version, which features at least one porn star . . . and it looks like he has personality as well:

And the honorable mention for Call Me Maybe goes to the Harvard Men's Baseball team for their cover, which doesn't feature nearly nearly enough shirtlessness but makes up for it with some cute guys:

And then we move on to covers of Sexy And I Know It By LMFAO.  First one up is my favorite by SpandyAndy, and basically the guy who kicked off this entire idea:

And then the unbelievably hot Tom Daley and "Team Great Britain" diving team doing it.  These guys are amazing:

And the next one is the "Banned" US Air Force Academy version:

Here's some hot, presumably Russian, guys doing a stage version:

The best, and by best I mean most shirtless, parody of this song that I can find is this version of what I think is "I'm Jewish and I know it" filmed last year:

And of course, the happy runner up has to be the original version from LMFAO, which sadly can't be embedded.  So here's a link instead.

There are some runner up songs as well.  Some of my favorites include California Gays (a parody of California Girls by Katy Perry):

How about Take it Off from Ke$ha, done by the Boys of Boston:


There's the awesome Daft Punk Harder Better Faster Stronger "Male Version."  It isn't really lip syncing, but it's hot anyway.


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