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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Wants vs. Needs

Issue 1:

I want for one of my best friends to not be dating my other best friend's girlfriend. Especially since it destroys what small fragment of a social life that I had left. I want to know if at any point I could have made things better, or if I did make things worse.

I need to be able to figure this out in a way where everyone isn't fighting again, and so that they'll talk and forgive.

Issue 2:

I need to move to go somewhere and do something.

I want to move to NYC and work at a beautiful hotel as an assistant manager while I write in the evenings. Or to Miami Beach (and do the same thing). I don't have enough money to do anything of the kind, but staying here doesn't seem like it's going anywhere. I could stay with E., but he's getting married. Yarg.

Issue 3:

I need to get into shape.

Okay, that's a lie. I want to get into shape. Kevin says he should be a personal trainer, and I wish I had enough money to hire him. I'm afraid if I say anything else, it will destory the semi-self improvement kick that I've been on recently.

Issue 4:

I wish I was published. I'm a writer, dammit, and I don't have a magazine article to my name. I need to do something or other. Publishing a book (or books) would be preferable, but publishing a movie review would be acceptable.

Issue 5:

As pointed out in issue 2, I'm leaving, and that usually means that I'm going to meet someone for some sort of relationship so that I can painfully break up with them (or at least the idea of them) right before I go. I'd like this person to be smart, funny, and a D&D player that looks like Mason Wyler. Realistically, I'd take someone that won't freak out about the fact that I'm leaving.

There's a to-do list in there somewhere (in order of screwed up wish fufillment priority):

1. Get published.
2. Get in shape.
3. Date.
4. Buy a wedding present and move to New York.
5. Play D&D. Somehow.

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