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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

On the Rigid Topic

A link on Slacktivist brought be to a series on the Orcinus blog called "Cracks in the Wall." The three parts of it are here:

I. Defining the Authoritarian Personality

II. Listening to the Leavers
III. Escape Ladders

It's a very interesting look at authoritarianism in government (from the perspective of a liberal Christian, as far as I can tell). There's a couple of points in there that sort of describe what I've encountered at CF, where facts and logic can't possibly convince someone that they're wrong.

I think IIDB wants to be the sort of "Bigger World" that the author of the blog describes, and that makes me very happy for IIDB.

Anyway, these authoritarian people are the root of the idea that people who want to be in government are the last people that you would actually want leading the country.

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