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Friday, June 20, 2008

Matching Donations

I got an email from the Obama campaign today. I've donated before, and in light of their decision to forgo federal funding, they are looking for donations from new people.

I've been meaning to donate again since Clinton suspended her campaign, and so I decided to go through with it and donate again.

However, there was a twist in the email today. They were looking for people that had already donated to match the contributions of first time donors. So I took the money that I'd put aside for Clinton stepping down and put it up to match some first time donors.

Within four minutes, they'd already come up with three new donors to match me with.


Now, that's fundraising power.

And, until late October, here's my political message:

I support Obama. You should too*.

Support Barack Obama

*Among many reasons you should support Obama, a few notable ones are: 1) He carries nuanced and reasonable opinions on subjects such as foreign policy, the economy, equal rights, and health care. 2) He is a constitutional law scholar, and taught the subject at the University of Chicago. He graduated the top of his class from Harvard Law, and was president of the Harvard Law Review. 3) Unlike other recent Presidents, he can effectively communicate his ideas to others in English.



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