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Saturday, August 09, 2008

A Symbol of Sadness

I consider myself pretty jaded. I can handle discussions about a lot of different things without flinching. Living in this world, being a user of Fark, and dealing with the discussions at IIDB have illustrated that.

Today there was a follow-up to a story on Fark that I missed the first time around. The original story was about a girl, Dani Lierow, who grew up feral in a home in Florida. She grew up alone surrounded by people.

If you missed it, the title of the story was "The girl in the window."

I cried reading that. Unbelievable. And I donated money to her new family. That's the power of those simple words in that article.

I'm sort of shocked that the mother is free. Seriously, sometimes I can't believe what the justice system is forced to do to make deals.


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