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Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Life in Summary

Yeah, I missed a month in there, what with the Placebos and Patient Care post sitting around for more than a month in my tray while I tried to finish it by staring at it intently from across the room. I've covered part of the gap by thrusting P&PC forward four weeks into November to cover the posting gap in the sidebar history.

But I haven't talked about where I am in life for a while. A Ruairi has requested an email on how I'm doing, so I know that I need to type it all out anyway.

I've moved in with my boyfriend Ben, and I now live in Cambridge, MA. The place is beautiful, it's a third floor condo that Ben and a friend of his from high school bought. Ben's also a doctor now, which means that I'm dating a doctor. Sometimes I feel like I've fallen through the Sex in the City rabbit hole and come out on the side of respectability.

Jobs haven't been working out, ha ha. The kinds of places that I've been applying just haven't been hiring people like me. They look at my lack of experience and weak resume and simply don't call me back. It's beyond depressing and well into the numb. Failing out of New York was hard, and I'm glad that Ben was there to catch me.

I haven't been reading as much as I've wanted to be, either. I just finished "Miracle and Other Christmas Stories" by Connie Willis and it was lovely, but I think it was only the second or third book that I finished this month.

So, life it basically on a weird sort of hold. It's not that I'm not doing things. I just don't have much to show for it at the end of the day except for a few pictures and some vague memories.

As I type this, at the very end of the year, I'm in the same place that I started 2009: on Martha's Vineyard with friends of Ben. They have a big New Year's Eve celebration and we're preparing for this year. Andrea is making Chili. Ben is still asleep after drinking and trivia last night (we came in second after having a commanding lead through most of the second half but lost the tiebreaker at the win).

I've traveled a lot this year. I went down to Washington D.C. for the inauguration and I continued to make the trip from New York to Boston for the first part of the year to visit Ben. We visited Martha's Vineyard (to the same people) and also to Nantucket to visit another friend.

Ben had a conference in Hawaii as well, and then two weeks after that he had one in San Diego. So I flew to Hawaii (for the first time) and spent a week on the north side of O'ahu with Ben in a beautiful house with a pool and no wireless and basically lazed around for a few days. Then we flew to San Francisco for the night before Halloween and went out to the Castro for dinner and drinks. Lots of the guys were in their costumes already, so it was entertaining but I still know that I should have rearranged to spend the actual night of Halloween there.

Then we went home, and in this case by home I mean New Mexico. My grandmother is there now, having moved from upstate New York so that my mother can take care of her. My mother is managing a small shop in Santa Fe part time which benefits one of the local animal shelters. We only spent a couple of days there, which was rushed. Ben met my family and he was all cute and nervous about it.

And then we went directly to San Diego, which was in the sixties and so surprisingly cold. But I'd been traveling for three weeks and Ben for almost a month and so we were both a bit tired, so we basically went back and collapsed.

That last big trip that I took was to Virginia to meet all of his family for Thanksgiving. He's got a much larger "nuclear" family than I do. He's got three parent figures, two half brothers, two sisters and one half sister and they had the additional uncles and friends over as well. It was the youngest half brother's birthday as well so it was a very complicated few days but I had a lovely time and was happy to meet all the people that Ben was worried about me meeting.

It's weird. I'm usually the emotional one in this relationship. I'm depressed or excited or whatever, but Ben was much more concerned about our meetings with our respective families than I was.

So, that's where I am now and what's been happening in a general sense. There's more trivial stuff: we're not going to many movies but we did see Avatar in IMAX 3D. It was good but the more that I think about it I don't think it was great. I don't think that it'll be the Star Wars of our generation.

Ben and I got each other a half of a Playstation 3 for Christmas and so far we have only one game that was designed for the system on it: Flower, which is lovely and worth every penny of the ten dollars that it costs. All of the other games are ports from older systems. Ben is playing through Final Fantasy VIII, which is like some sort of weird dream come true for me. It's quite odd how much I'm enjoying him playing it. I'm almost done with Zelda on the Wii, which is a lovely game as well and very well done. All of us, Ben, Me and the roommate, are playing the New Super Mario Brothers. Who could have imagined that Mario sidescrollers would have made a resurgence.

I guess that's enough. Ben wants to use my computer for a while. So cheers everyone, and I hope that you all have a wonderful New Year and have had a blissful Christmas/Hanukkah season.

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