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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Car Accident

So I was sitting watching the State of the Union tonight, and it finishes, and not more than two or three minutes later, I hear this screech and crash outside. I think of this post and so I go running out there.

The first car I see is totaled. Not just damaged, it's smashed to bits. The second is going to need some framework on the side, but it's not so bad. I check to make sure that everyone is okay. The woman in the badly damaged green car says that she's okay. They other guy got hit in the side, but he's walking. I check to see if he's bleeding. He's not, and it's probably to early to see a bruise.

So I get some of the big pieces out of the way of the other cars, and check to make sure the others have called an ambulance. Then I go back to the woman. She's upset, she knows the accident was her fault. I ask her to turn off the car and sit there. There's antifreeze leaking out and covering the entire area, and everything is getting slick.

Finally she mentions that she's having problems seeing, because she can't find her glasses. She gets out and I search through the car, but I can't find them anywhere.

Sometime around now I notice that the windshield is cracked.

Anyway, the paramedics get there and the police. They block off the street, and I find out that the cars were on the other side of the intersection when they hit. I mean, they were thrown 40 feet or more away during the collision. Wow.

And suddenly I understand the urge to become a paramedic. My little brother has it. Piper has it. Josh had it, although he's more into the cutting up of corpses these days.

I heard a horn from outside just now. Sounds like the firetruck is leaving now. And Scrubs is on.

Except for this entry, I'd probably never think of this accident again.


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