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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Gay Geekiness

I am truly a gay geek.

I mean, heaven forbid that there is a gay man out there that doesn't like fashion or hairstyling, but my big thing is geekiness. If I had the money, I'd play lots of computer games, and Dungeons and Dragons. Not Magic though. I don't know why, but Magic is crossing the line.

The problem is . . . how can you meet other gay geeks? I only know one, and he's sort of seeing someone.

Have you ever heard of Soce, the Elemental Wizard? That's someone that I can respect. Someone that revels in their geekiness and gets play for it, which only makes me want to move back to the big city and pretend to be something that I'm not.

Hehehe, and everything that culture is tells me that's a bad thing. "You shouldn't be someone that you're not!" I can hear them yelling in my head. But we all do it, and sometimes pretending to be someone is who you are. You think all of the guys in clubs have a problem with struting around half naked when most of them are either terrified or being in groups or terrified of being alone?

Besides, they ability to pretend to be something that you're not can really shape you for the better. I'm not a person that can work out at a gym, but pretending could certainly set me straight. I'm not even the best GM in the world, but pretending allows me to run a game.

Anyway, back to the gay geekiness. That I'm not giving up. No matter who else I am at the moment, I like at least one of those two aspects. So who am I really? Probably the gay geek over in the corner with his dice.

Incidentally, if anyone knows any cute gay AF Jock boys that like geeks . . . give them my number right now.

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