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Tuesday, January 17, 2006


So Wikipedia is a wonderful thing. I happened to be cruising their list of gay porn stars-which is oddly comprehensive, although most don't have articles-when I came across an entry for Tag Eriksson.

He's a millionaire Swede that works as a NYC real estate broker. He's vice president of his firm, and a published author and Information Technology guru. He's even started a business, Humany, which provides Tech Customer service (in-sourcing, basically, if I understand correctly).

The most surprising thing is that he's fairly open about who he is and what he's done. An article about him suggests that his parents know about his film career, and he's appeared on the cover of a Swedish magazine that profiles famous Swedes, and his book is about his short career in the porn industry (it's in Swedish, or I already would have bought a copy).

He's actually gay, also. He currently lives with his boyfriend in NYC. This has got to be the second most surprising thing, considering that the guys that I usually like turn out to be straight (even the ones that work in gay porn or I find in gay clubs).

I mean, wow. That's amazing. Crap, I mean, I can't help but feel inspired by that.

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