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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Hypochondria Today

I don't feel well. Specifically, I'm suffering from my fourth low grade migraine in less than a month. Despite the fact that I'm functional due to the miracle of Excedrin, I don't think this is normal.

I don't have health insurance. I can't go get it checked out, because if it is serious, then it will become a pre-existing condition, and I won't be able to get health insurance for it later.

Also, I'm saving because I want to move. New Mexico is killing me. Mike won't return my calls, I'm not sure how I feel about Jeff, and I dont' have anyone in the Santa Fe area. So I want to get out of here.

However, I just spent ~$700 dollars on my car, I just blew $200 dollars on basically nothing but crap that I don't need (although I thought I did at the time) and tomorrow I have to loan a minister $50.

So, can I really afford to start health insurance? Won't I have to wait for a month or so anyway to get checked out anyway? So that's two months of premiums for a diagnosis that I don't want to hear anyway.

This is just like me. I know I'm a hypochondirac. I know that this is probably something like having a bad diet, and if I went to see a doctor, he'd tell me that it's nothing, but I wish I could go see one so that he could tell me that it's nothing.

You know, thinking about it though, I can't decide if I'd rather have Brain Cancer, or nothing wrong with me.

I must be depressed again.



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