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Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I was watching MSNBC this morning for a couple of minutes, and the President of the Family Research Council, Tony Perkins, talked about the Foley scandal.

His basic claims were that the liberalization of culture had allowed this to happen, and that people that score low on the Family Research Council's morality scorecard should be avoided.

Neither of those claims are really worth responding to, because Tony Perkins is an agent of the current culture of corruption in Washington. It's not about going after groups, because all groups need review, it's about looking at every person on a case by case basis, regardless of their group affiliation. It doesn't matter whether Foley is a Republican, a Floridian, or a gay man: he sent sexual advances to 16 years old. If he was a Democrat (like apparently Fox News tried to imply yesterday), I'd still be calling for his resignation.

So, when Tony Perkins says that we should look at a group, he's obfuscating what we really should be doing, and that's looking at individuals. He's trying to make people look at the big picture so that they can't see the little bits of cancer that are creeping in.

Anyway, a political talking head came on MSNBC somewhere in there and said that voters are getting tired of the entire congress, and than instead of seeing a shift toward the Democrat ticket, you'd simply see a huge turnover among the incumbents.

I disagree.

That's a prediction. I suspect that we'll only see a minor turnover. Democrats may retake the House, but whether they do or not, it probably won't be as great a change as MSNBC's talking head suggests.

Perhaps it's just the pessimism, but why do we think that things will change. Have you ever looked at the history of politics? Back when Jefferson was running for president, we still had smear campaigns and attack ads. As any government grows older, the power structures tend to become entrenched.

Real change happens with revolution, it always has. I'm not advocating revolution, not in the traditional sense, but I am suggesting electing a comedian to office. What's that new movie called? Right, Man of the Year.

That would be a change up, and a step in the right direction, because you need someone that's used to dealing with the crap, and not hiding it.

That's not going to happen though. It's the great wet dream of young Middle America, and that's exactly why it's not going to happen. We can barely get the gay community to talk about sex, how are we going to get Middle America to talk about their masturbatory fantasies?

So, I think that in 8 years, we're going to be in the same place, probably with a Democrat President that doesn't really represent the Democrats, the same way Bush doesn't represent the Republicans, but whoever they are, they're just going to represent the entrenched elitist crap that we see now.

Whoohoo. What a fun ride. It's like a rollercoaster with no bumps anymore. See you at the unloading zone.

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