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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Gay Governor of Florida

Yeah, this is Florida, so I guess I'm not allowed to be surprised or anything, but the guy that they're about to elect to be Governor is gay . . . maybe.

The Broward-Palm Beach New Times is reporting . . . which will probably go unnoticed in most of the rest of the country. <link one> <link two>

Why am I writing about this? Because if you go to the print link on the second story, there's a picture of the 21 year old that is rumored to have slept with the soon-to-be Governor of Florida. The 21 year old Jason Wetherington is super-Republican, super-Christian, and sleeping with older men. And he's gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous.

Darn it. I'm way more upset about that than I am about the closeted gay guy that once again may be lying to people to get elected.

P.S. Update on me. I'm doing okay, I guess, but just leaning forward to research and write this is hurting my neck and shoulders. I'm not supposed to be typing. And I've been getting a lot of support, from Elliot (is that three "t"s?), from my extended family, and everyone, basically. It's been . . . 3 weeks since the accident, and I'm already in a mindnumbing place.

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